Posted by: 2njhelms | August 30, 2010

New and improved!

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to portraying the men and women of the 2nd New Jersey Regiment during the War for American Independence. Through “living history” displays and battlefield reenactments, we educate the public and honor those whom we depict.

While the 2nd New Jersey Regiment usually attends events at historical sites,
we are also available for town festivals and parades. If you would like to invite
the unit to your event, please contact
the Adjutant, Steve Santucci.


  1. The 2nd NJ Regiment really made the Revolutionary Pub Crawl in Trenton on 12/30 a memorable event. Captain Dave and friends even sang old pub songs at Settimo Cielo – bet that was a first for that restaurant. Please contact me if you ever want to do an encampment on a circa 1710 farm (with two creeks, lots of open land and farmhouse w/ outbuildings) and a few miles from Crosswicks.

    Thanks again for making history come to life for the imbibing public!

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